Tips For Prevention Of Territorial Aggressiveness

Let Your Friends Hear About It Too...

If you have a problem with your dog’s behavior, for example, your dog is aggressive, afraid or is hyperactive, there is a reason for such behavior and you have to change it.

Many of you have a dog that has a nice behavior in the house and in your yard but when you are out for a walk or go to someone to visit your pet turns into something else entirely, it becomes aggressive, begins to bark at passers-by and other animals. That is expression of territorial aggression arising from the innate need to defend its living space and alert the owner to foreigners.

The most important thing above all is to learn your pet that you are the leader, that you are to decide, and that he is in all of this protected and safe. To do that you need obedience training, which means that your pet adequately react to command “NO”!. Following a daily walk with him to establish the leadership, it means to walk close to you and not pulling the leash. Also have to learn the dog that always you first go out the front door while he has to wait. Unwanted behavior is immediately corrected and rewarded when reacting to properly.

At the first sign of aggression to an unknown person or animal you have to suddenly pull the leash and issue the command “NO”!, or push the dog with finger sharply to one side in the last part of his body, but not too hard because the goal is only to draw attention so that your pet realize that you do not punish but draws attention that he needs to respect you.

When you make the basic domination now you are already half way to the solution of your problems. The next step is the daily inspection and practicing in situations where you pet manifested territorial aggression. When someone comes home you must teach your dog to go to their place and that should not be aggressive in your presence. For this you will need two short training sessions of 10 minutes each day until your pet master the command. Every time you reward when your pet obey. When mastered the lesson begins to teach him when he approaching a state in which expresses aggression.
Also when you’re with a dog in the yard and friends are welcome to you, ask them to enter and stand in one place, when the dog show the first sign of aggression turn his attention twitching leash and then issue command to go to his place and when he do reward him.

Very important thing is that in all this you are consistent, calm and not to react uncertainly because your pet will feel that and you will have a counter effect and you will return to the beginning.

Let Your Friends Hear About It Too...