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Do You Know What To Do If Your Dog Is Choking, Or How To Give Him A CPR?

Many of us have found our pets many times how they chew many different things from furniture to wardrobe, shoes etc. It is difficult for a dog to get rid habit of chewing everything that is in his sight, especially if it is a little puppy, therefore there is always the possibility of choking. The same case can happen with ... More

How To Stand In The Way Of Red Parasites

Presence of red parasite is very common in dogs of all races and all ages, but can also occur in animals who live at home. They cause very mild sometimes almost imperceptible symptoms, but it happens that they cause very serious clinical picture and even endanger the life of your dog. In heavy cases the dog is a listle... More

5 Simple Herbs That Can Improve Your Dog’s Healt

No. 5 Milk Thistle or Silymarine is a plant that can heal your liver damaged of any kind so it is safe to be given to your pet if your pet has any liver problems or if you want to prevent some. Also if your dog is taking any kind of medication it would be wise to give him this plant for recovery. No. 4 ... More