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10 Reasons Why My Dog Is My Best Friend

10. Therapist Sometimes you just need to talk out your problems… without anyone’s input. Your dog will listen and will not judge. Sure, you can go to a therapist. But a payment of head scratches is much cheaper. 9. They never leave you She's your trusty travel buddy... 8. Dogs won’t leave you ... More

10 Types Of Dogs That We Mistakenly Think They Are Pit Bulls

No 10. American Bulldog American Bulldog is weighing about 100 pounds and it is a working dog as well as hunting and sport dog. The difference is that American Bulldog is a much larger. No 9. Presa Canario  Presa Canario is weighing about 150 pounds and it is working dog as well as a natural guard dog. The ... More

This Man Offers $100,000 For People’s Dogs And Recorded Their Reactions

We all know that when they ask us what our dog means to us, we always say that he is a part of the family and that we would do everything for him and to protect them. However, a man called BigDaws from the YouTube channel BigDawsTv put it to the test. On the streets of Chicago, he dressed himself as a real gentleman and ... More

Who Are The Biggest Sleepers Among Dogs

Some dogs need much more sleep than other dogs throughout the day. These are the dogs who mostly sleep during the day.   Chihuahua With this dog we get to the paradox, even small dogs need plenty of sleep. During the night, these little dogs sleep firmly for 10-13 hours. Also whenever they have a chance... More

Types Of Fur- In Which Group Your Dog Belongs To

There are five basic types of fur: long, silky, curly, smooth and rough, which can be added another one group called extreme fur. Each of these types requires special care but principles and factors that create healthy fur are the same for all. Types of fur that require the most care as curly, long and rough and the main ... More