How To Stand In The Way Of Red Parasites

Let Your Friends Hear About It Too...

Presence of red parasite is very common in dogs of all races and all ages, but can also occur in animals who live at home. They cause very mild sometimes almost imperceptible symptoms, but it happens that they cause very serious clinical picture and even endanger the life of your dog. In heavy cases the dog is a listless, apathetic, poor eating, his hair is dry and brittle, stomach swelled and painful to pressure. Also has diarrhea where you can notice the red parasites. Sometimes it can occur and vomiting that can cause severe dehydration. In older dogs these symptoms are absent, but in rare cases diarrhea occurs in less or greater intensity. Meet most often enemies of your pets.


The most common causes of dogs red diseases and disorders are invertebrates such as Cylindrical worms and tapeworms.

Rounded dog worms ( Ascaris lumbricoides )  cause toxocarosis, the most widespread parasitic disease of dogs, that especially threatens the dogs in the larger groups, as well as those who are inadequately nourished and feed. Suffer mainly puppies while adult dogs generally carriers of infection. This parasite causes a weakening of resistance of the organism due to which animals are susceptible to other diseases, especially viral infections.

“Hook” worms ( Ancylostoma duodenale )  have well developed oral capsule, where depending on the type they have a certain number of teeth or tiles which take food from the intestine, damaging their walls.

Small lash worms ( Trichuris )  are the most common infectious, live on the surface of the colon or in the deeper layers of mucous.

Among flat segmented worms ( Tapeworm ) that attack dogs the most famous is Echinococcus, and some of these species such as Dipylidium caninum, Taenia, Multiceps multiceps, Mesocestoides spp, may seriously jeopardize the life of your pet because adult individuals or larvae causes severe infection.

How the infection occurs?

Parasites are mainly transmitted when a dog comes into contact with the faeces of infected animals ( in the yard, park or on some other surface ).  Even the dogs who live at home are not protected because the eggs of the parasite can be bring in the house on shoes. Red parasites are also transmitted by using the common dish, and even if the dog eats an infected fly, and some puppies are born with worms which gives them the mother through the placenta. Therefore it is very important to cleanse the female before mating, What should be repeated when the puppies are full 20 days.

The most effective therapy

Treatment is carried out with anthelmintics which can be purchased in all pet shops and the treatment must be repeated after fourteen days. Red parasites preventive cleaning is carried out three to four times a year. You need to give worming tablets to puppies every two weeks ( the third to the twelve week of age ) and thereafter every four weeks ( from twelve weeks to six months of puppies life ). Then treatment should be repeated three to four times a year, But if it is determined the presence of the parasite, it is necessary to apply the treatment twice daily with an interval of fourteen days.

Let Your Friends Hear About It Too...