Let Your Dog Be Fit In Spring

Let Your Friends Hear About It Too...

Each owner can by using a few tricks to ease your dog transition from winter to spring. To keep you dog quickly collected lost energy and regain strength in the spring is the most important food.

At this stage in the food should be added vitamins, minerals, and it is best to use in its natural form, for example, fresh grated carrots, chopped apple, a little sauerkraut, natural yogurt or cottage cheese. Besides three to four times a week in food should add about one teaspoon of cold-pressed vegetable oil because vegetable oils stimulate digestion and affect the shine of hair. Because of the upcoming shedding, hair on your dog is brittle and fragile, so long-haired dogs should be especially brushed to remove extinct hair and make room for new to grow, but also short-haired dogs need brushing as a kind of massage, which further enhances the circulation of the skin. Another thing that is good for the hair of your pet is a mixture of birch leaf dandelion and nettle that you can sprinkle over food of your dog.

If your dog got a little more pounds over the winter, overweight can reduce with a diet. With the arrival of spring for many owners and dogs begins and sports season so the dog should gradually prepare for greater physical exertion and exercise. For the beginning you should start with all longer walks and in the way you can play the game of hiding, searching for objects, etc. Pace should be changed often and allow the dog to play as much as possible with other dogs for exercise and social equalization. The dog may be provided some lower barriers such as tree that rested on the ground or the narrow channel. On thick tree dog can balance, and to downhill your dog can run. First bike ride should last less and you need to allow your dog to sets the pace. Hiking are good training endurance that strengthens physical fitness and blood circulation. With the massage you can strengthening the muscles of your pet, so your pet can avoid sore muscles, but massage should never to be applied after meals or if the dog is exhausted.

We should not forget the regular vaccination and cleaning of the worm, also if your dog has a pollen allergy walks should be carried out in rainy days. In the spring begins the time of the parasite and it is necessary to prevent and protect your dog as well as mandatory viewing your pet after every walk.

Let Your Friends Hear About It Too...