Do You Know What To Do If Your Dog Is Choking, Or How To Give Him A CPR?

Let Your Friends Hear About It Too...

Many of us have found our pets many times how they chew many different things from furniture to wardrobe, shoes etc. It is difficult for a dog to get rid habit of chewing everything that is in his sight, especially if it is a little puppy, therefore there is always the possibility of choking. The same case can happen with food as well as in people so it is very important that you know what you need to do in this situation.

If you happen to find yourself in such a situation and if you’ve seen that your dog has swallowed something which he started to choking with. First you have to calm your pet because in these situations they starting to panic. First try to remove the object with your fingers if possible, and if it is not possible there is one technique that can be applied to smaller dogs. Grab your pet for the thighs and swing it to the left and right. You can also press the abdomen right behind the ribs.

If your pet is big, then you have to put your hands around his stomach and make a fist with the hands. You must push up and forth right behind the ribs and if a dog lies put one hand on his back and with the other hand squeeze the abdomen up. As soon as the object loosens or drops out of your dog’s mouth, remove it immediately. Immediately take the dog to the vet to make sure that the object does not cause an internal injury.

Sometimes serious choking and lack of oxygen require you to do CPR n your dog. CPR is a combination of pressure on the chest and artificial respiration. You should use CPR if you do not feel the heartbeat of your pet and when your dog is unconscious but you have to be careful that the airway pathways are open. Turn the dog to the side and locate his heart which is located just behind the elbow. You should do 3-5 compression per one inhalation of oxygen.

Let Your Friends Hear About It Too...