Odin The Dog Hero Who Sacrificed Himself To Save His Friends From Fire

This is Odin from California, dog hero who despite the big fire that he face with from all sides, refused to leave his home because he wanted to protect his friends goats. His owners had to leave Odin because he did not want to go with them and the fire that approached threatened their lives. They had to leave him and ... More

Instagram Model Charged For Animal Cruelty After She Beats Her Dog

Some people are simply sick and sometimes punishment for what they do are not enough. 24 year old Instagram model Keevonna C'Ante Wilson was arrested and charged for animal cruelty after she beats her little defenceless Shih-Tzu dog inside the lift whith a securyti camera. After the incident, the dog was taken to a Vet ... More

The World’s Most Expensive Dogs

First of all, a dog can not be priced because we all know very well how much our dogs mean to us and that they are part of the family, but in the world of business they managed to sort dogs at their cost. This does not mean that if the dog is more expensive that it is better than other dogs. Sometimes the dogs we find ... More

Situation In Which You Don’t Want To Be, How Would You React

This is one of the situations in which it is very difficult to say who is guilty. Many people probably found  themselves in this situation several times, but for those who do not, we hope that they will not find themselves in this situation ever. It is also very difficult to say how any of us would react in this ... More

Baby Poops Next To Their Sleeping Dog, Reaction Of a Dog Is Priceless

We all love babies and we all know that babies are sweet whatever they do. Dogs are sweet to but what happens when we put them together. This video shows you exactly that, two cute friends who enjoy sitting in a comfortable sofa and do their own thing, but this baby did something that this dog did not expect and the ... More