Top 10 Interesting Facts About Yorkshire Terrier.

1) Origin Today, Yorkshire Terriers are popular companion dogs, but when originally bred in mid-1800s, they were well-regarded for being effective ratters. Today, the breed has been bred slightly smaller and is seldom used for killing vermin, but Yorkies still retain plenty of the feistiness that made them great extermin... More

10 Pets Who Saved Their Owners Lives When They Were In Trouble

Pets are great to have around the house to keep you company but did you know that some pets are superheroes and that they actually save owners lives. In most situations pets help people in hard situations but among others pets we here are recognize dogs and that is why we call them the man's best friend. In this video ... More

Rottweiler Jumped From The Roof Of The Building Because Of Another Dog!!!

The first question that arises here is why the dog on roof is released when the wall was too small for such a big dog. Ok he kept something on the roof but are the owners of this dog so irresponsible that they had left him in this place knowing the temperament of the rottweiler and if someone or something provokes him he ... More

Do You Know What Happens When You Leave Your Dog Alone At Home? ( Video )

Today because of the technology that is available to everyone and at any time as well as cameras that we have at every corner and in every pocket we can record every single thing in our life both good and bad. Luck for us is a lot of those nice moments and amazing things that we caught on camera. This video is one of those ... More

Is This The Most Trained Dog Ever?

We all want our dog to be obedient and well trained but when you see this video do not be disappointed because you can achieve this with much care and effort with your pet. Another very important thing that you need to have is the patience to achieve this level. Of course you have to find a good trainer or if you devote ... More