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10 Dog Breeds That Live The Longest

No. 10 Miniature Schnauzer  The origin of this dog is Germany, and he weighs 11 to 18 pounds ( 5.0 to 8.2 kg ) males, 10 to 15 pounds ( 4.5 to 6.8 kg ) females, measuring 13 to 14 inches ( 33 to 36 cm ) tall.  Average Life span 12 to 14 years. No. 9 Beagle The origin of this dog is England, and he weighs 22 ... More

Let Your Dog Be Fit In Spring

Each owner can by using a few tricks to ease your dog transition from winter to spring. To keep you dog quickly collected lost energy and regain strength in the spring is the most important food. At this stage in the food should be added vitamins, minerals, and it is best to use in its natural form, for example, fresh ... More

Do You Know How To Properly Brush Your Dog

Everyone should know that all pets regardless of the type of hair needs our regularly and properly maintain of there fur. All pets need regular brushing. It is best that this is done once a day especially if it is a long haired dogs, while other types should be brushed three times a week. this should not be a difficult ... More

Tips For Prevention Of Territorial Aggressiveness

If you have a problem with your dog's behavior, for example, your dog is aggressive, afraid or is hyperactive, there is a reason for such behavior and you have to change it. Many of you have a dog that has a nice behavior in the house and in your yard but when you are out for a walk or go to someone to visit your pet ... More