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Does Playing Tug-Of-War Develops Aggression In Dogs?

There are many who believe that playing tug-of-war with your dog causes aggressiveness and also encourages dominant behavior and very often the majority warns that you should not play with your pet in this way because it can lead to dangerous situations, biting, attack, and so on. This myth probably stems from the dog's ... More

The World’s Most Expensive Dogs

First of all, a dog can not be priced because we all know very well how much our dogs mean to us and that they are part of the family, but in the world of business they managed to sort dogs at their cost. This does not mean that if the dog is more expensive that it is better than other dogs. Sometimes the dogs we find ... More

10 Types Of Dogs That We Mistakenly Think They Are Pit Bulls

No 10. American Bulldog American Bulldog is weighing about 100 pounds and it is a working dog as well as hunting and sport dog. The difference is that American Bulldog is a much larger. No 9. Presa Canario  Presa Canario is weighing about 150 pounds and it is working dog as well as a natural guard dog. The ... More

Who Are The Biggest Sleepers Among Dogs

Some dogs need much more sleep than other dogs throughout the day. These are the dogs who mostly sleep during the day.   Chihuahua With this dog we get to the paradox, even small dogs need plenty of sleep. During the night, these little dogs sleep firmly for 10-13 hours. Also whenever they have a chance... More

Which Breed Of Dog Children Will Choose

When the children get pictures of different dogs with different hair color and facial expressions and when they were ask with which of these races they would be willing to walk, on big surprise of examiners children are mostly decide on large dogs, which are even looked sternly. It seems that for children who are under the ... More