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Top 10 Interesting Facts About Yorkshire Terrier.

1) Origin Today, Yorkshire Terriers are popular companion dogs, but when originally bred in mid-1800s, they were well-regarded for being effective ratters. Today, the breed has been bred slightly smaller and is seldom used for killing vermin, but Yorkies still retain plenty of the feistiness that made them great extermin... More

Is This The Most Trained Dog Ever?

We all want our dog to be obedient and well trained but when you see this video do not be disappointed because you can achieve this with much care and effort with your pet. Another very important thing that you need to have is the patience to achieve this level. Of course you have to find a good trainer or if you devote ... More

8 Things People Do Which Dogs Do Not Like

No 8. Feel negative emotions No matter what you feel, especially if they are negative emotions your dog feels the same. Do not do this to your pet, be happy. No 7. Yelling around the house Even if you do not yelling at them if they hear you they can feel scared and anxious. No 6. Strong smells Sometimes even ... More

10 Reasons Why My Dog Is My Best Friend

10. Therapist Sometimes you just need to talk out your problems… without anyone’s input. Your dog will listen and will not judge. Sure, you can go to a therapist. But a payment of head scratches is much cheaper. 9. They never leave you She's your trusty travel buddy... 8. Dogs won’t leave you ... More

Do You Know What To Do If Your Dog Is Choking, Or How To Give Him A CPR?

Many of us have found our pets many times how they chew many different things from furniture to wardrobe, shoes etc. It is difficult for a dog to get rid habit of chewing everything that is in his sight, especially if it is a little puppy, therefore there is always the possibility of choking. The same case can happen with ... More