Health & Care

5 Simple Herbs That Can Improve Your Dog’s Healt

No. 5 Milk Thistle or Silymarine is a plant that can heal your liver damaged of any kind so it is safe to be given to your pet if your pet has any liver problems or if you want to prevent some. Also if your dog is taking any kind of medication it would be wise to give him this plant for recovery. No. 4 ... More

Types Of Fur- In Which Group Your Dog Belongs To

There are five basic types of fur: long, silky, curly, smooth and rough, which can be added another one group called extreme fur. Each of these types requires special care but principles and factors that create healthy fur are the same for all. Types of fur that require the most care as curly, long and rough and the main ... More

Let Your Dog Be Fit In Spring

Each owner can by using a few tricks to ease your dog transition from winter to spring. To keep you dog quickly collected lost energy and regain strength in the spring is the most important food. At this stage in the food should be added vitamins, minerals, and it is best to use in its natural form, for example, fresh ... More

Diet For A Dog Suffering From Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic endocrine disorder whose main characteristic disturbed equilibrium in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fat and protein of your dog. It is clinically manifested by complete or partial lack of insulin, the hormone which encourages pancreatic glucose uptake and has a role in regulating hemostasis protein ... More

Take Care Of Your Pet’s Skin And Fur

It is not good to ignore hair care because it significantly affects the health of your dog. If you ignore the care of your pet fur it may occur infections and various skin diseases. On quality of dog fur affect inheritance, nutrition, health, the presence of external and internal parasites, but a very important role has ... More