Dog Training

Is This The Most Trained Dog Ever?

We all want our dog to be obedient and well trained but when you see this video do not be disappointed because you can achieve this with much care and effort with your pet. Another very important thing that you need to have is the patience to achieve this level. Of course you have to find a good trainer or if you devote ... More

Does Playing Tug-Of-War Develops Aggression In Dogs?

There are many who believe that playing tug-of-war with your dog causes aggressiveness and also encourages dominant behavior and very often the majority warns that you should not play with your pet in this way because it can lead to dangerous situations, biting, attack, and so on. This myth probably stems from the dog's ... More

Tips For Prevention Of Territorial Aggressiveness

If you have a problem with your dog's behavior, for example, your dog is aggressive, afraid or is hyperactive, there is a reason for such behavior and you have to change it. Many of you have a dog that has a nice behavior in the house and in your yard but when you are out for a walk or go to someone to visit your pet ... More