Dog Stories

New York’s First Pit Bull K9 Officer

Most people have a bad opinion about these dogs as being aggressive and not suitable for anyone and especially for those with a children. Fortunately the owners of the Pit Bull's know what kind of dogs they are and that they are unhappily accompanied by a bad voice.These dogs are very loyal and especially sensitive to the ... More

Sweet Little Puppy Sees Himself In The Mirror For The First Time

When people are looking at the mirror it something quite normal, but when a dog finds himself in front of a mirror, it becomes something completely different, especially if it's small puppy. This little English Bulldog puppy found itself in front of a mirror and at first puppy seemed confused but when he got a little ... More

This Man Offers $100,000 For People’s Dogs And Recorded Their Reactions

We all know that when they ask us what our dog means to us, we always say that he is a part of the family and that we would do everything for him and to protect them. However, a man called BigDaws from the YouTube channel BigDawsTv put it to the test. On the streets of Chicago, he dressed himself as a real gentleman and ... More