8 Things People Do Which Dogs Do Not Like

Let Your Friends Hear About It Too...

No 8. Feel negative emotions
No matter what you feel, especially if they are negative emotions your dog feels the same. Do not do this to your pet, be happy.

No 7. Yelling around the house
Even if you do not yelling at them if they hear you they can feel scared and anxious.

No 6. Strong smells
Sometimes even we have a problem with certain smells such as they from perfumes and other stuff. Imagine what’s happening to your dog that has up to 50.000 times more sensitive smell of scent.

No 5. Stopping them to sniff their surroundings
Next time when you are walking with your pet let the dog be a dog. By Sniffing they exploring their surroundings and collect information.

No 4. Touching their faces
Most of the time they will tolerate it, but they do not enjoy it.

No 3. Eye contact
Since they know you and if they consider you dominant, most of the time they will turn their head or just go but that eye contact means a challenge or a threat to them.

No 2. Hugs
If you hug your pet they can feel trapped and understand it as a sign of dominance. If they tolerate it be sure that they do not like it.

No 1. Dressing them up
Although it looks sweet but they are not people and they will tolerate it but they do not like it.

Let Your Friends Hear About It Too...