5 Simple Herbs That Can Improve Your Dog’s Healt

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No. 5 Milk Thistle or Silymarine is a plant that can heal your liver damaged of any kind so it is safe to be given to your pet if your pet has any liver problems or if you want to prevent some. Also if your dog is taking any kind of medication it would be wise to give him this plant for recovery.

No. 4 Goldenseal is a plant that is good for eye infections, prevention of colds, respiratory tract infection, allergies, digestive issues, urinary tract infections and more. If your dog has eye infections or weepy eyes you can use this plant.

No. 3 Ginger  is a herb which can help if your dog has stomach problems. Arthritis is greatly helped by ginger, as it is a natural anti-inflammatory. If your dog suffering from inflamed joints it can gain some relief from taking ginge. But do not exaggerate do not give him large doses.

No. 2 Calendula Flowers is the herb which has antiseptic quality and can helps prevent bacterial growth, it is good for rashes, insect bites and effectively speeds wound healing and relieves pain.

No. 1 Aloe Vera is a herb that your can use for your dog if he have gas constipation and infections. Also it can be used for scrapes, minor irritations and burns. 

Let Your Friends Hear About It Too...