10 Reasons Why My Dog Is My Best Friend

Let Your Friends Hear About It Too...

10. Therapist
Sometimes you just need to talk out your problems… without anyone’s input. Your dog will listen and will not judge. Sure, you can go to a therapist. But a payment of head scratches is much cheaper.

9. They never leave you
She’s your trusty travel buddy…

8. Dogs won’t leave you hanging.
Ever make plans with a human friend, only to find out that they canceled at the last minute? Well, no need to worry about that when you have a dog. They don’t know how to use phones, as far as I know, so there’s no reason to fear them calling up the neighbor’s poodle to see if they want to hit up some local bars, abandoning you to your TV and a paltry, lonesome microwave dinner. They’re there for you.

7. Dogs act as mini-dishwashers.
Ok, that sounds a little gross, but hear me out. Ever finish dinner and have too little food on your plate to save, but too much that it’d be a hassle to wash it in the sink? Well, here’s where your dog comes in! Just hand the plate over and let them polish it off. They’ll be happy, and you’ll have an easier time doing the dishes!

6. . Footrest
What’s furry and keeps your feet warm? Yep, you guessed it. #woof

5. The dog is ALWAYS FOR YOU
And even on the absolute worst day, he always finds a way to make you laugh.

4.Fitness Motivation
It’s not like you would be going on multiple walks or getting hardcore arm workouts via throwing a ball if it wasn’t for the pooch in your life. Specialized dog workout plans also include the Chase Me cardio routine, Pull On This Rope strength training, and Pet Me Until I Fall Asleep meditation.

3.Dogs are freaking smart!
My dog is so smart that I admire his every move. I feel like he is going to start speaking soon.

2. Dogs can mimic your emotions
Based on the tone of your voice and your body language, your dog will do its darnedest to emulate your current state of mind. When you’re sad, they’ll look at you with big doe eyes. When your angry, the fur will rise on their backs and they’ll start barking and growling at inanimate objects. Whereas humans might not respond to your emotional upswings and downswings in a way that you’d prefer, dogs will always be there whether you’re thrilled, depressed, or anywhere in between.

Your dog might not be able to change diapers, but he can be excellent help when it comes to helping your rugrat finish their food — and provide ample entertainment in the process

Let Your Friends Hear About It Too...